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Whoever you choose for web design you should always check certain points…

I always make an effort to give customers some good useful advice when selecting a company your is offering cheap websites london since it is a more complicated decision when compared with you may think and also does need a lof of ideaOne must look at a variety of different variables when planning a new website for their company or a personal web-site and it is a good idea to make a comprehensive list of all the different things that need to be looked at. Most important would be viewing a company’s entire web design portfolio as this gives a good idea of really what level they design to for the money that they charge. The other thing that I think is equally important is the level of customer service and I think any company with a good reputation can give references for a lot of different people that have used their service.I would also always make sure that I check how busy the company is and how long they think it will take to deliver your fully functional website. Sometimes it can be better to pay a little bit more for a job that is done very professionally and also that is delivered quickly than wait a month for a cheap job, as in the time you could already be getting some custom on the internet.

Search engine optimisation or SEO is another vitally important part of the whole process and definitely something that should never be overlooked. There are a lot of web design firms out there that can deliver you a fantastic looking website, but if it doesn’t even feature on google then it is pretty pointless. You will never get the site designed and it will be straight on the top of the search engines, but you will get a good head start if you are dealing with a company that knows a bit about this process.

I generally would recommend leaving the keyword research to the people that know what they are doing even if this mean another small expense, as it should pay in the longer term to do this. This is not always the case however and this can sometimes come as part of the package so is definitely worth enquiring about. Web hosting is also another expense that will be incurred. This can vary greatly from company to company and again the web design company may provide this, or if not you may require an external company to provide this facility.

I advise never to spend cheap on things such as this as it is vital for the smooth running of your online business, and you could lose a lot of customers with a poor hosting service. I have also previously made the mistake of choosing hosting that only offers email support. Well in the event of an emergency, no-one wants to wait for an email and this is where immediate telephone support is necessary. Online chat facilities are maybe a compromise but then I feel speaking on the phone is a lot easier, especially when my typing speeds are not so good.

In terms of where to locate a good web design company I would definitely recommend the internet for this and in particular a good search. This is mainly because a company that are placed on the first page of google gives a good indication of their knowledge with SEO and that is a must for your business to work online.